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Cotswold Security can provide Door Supervisors sometimes known as door stewards or door staff for both long and short term contracts. They are responsible for the security and safety of customers and staff in pubs, bars, nightclubs, casinos and other licensed entertainment venues as well as public or ticketed events. All staff are trained to Level 2 Door Supervisor through the SIA but we can provide Level 3 Close Protection if the need arises.

Our door staff are there to keep the peace, making sure the venues visitors can enjoy themselves in a controlled safe and relaxed environment. Our door team work with a minimum of two adding more staff depending on the size and nature of the venue.

Door supervisors assess the suitability of people trying to enter the venue, which could included checking age and ID, dress code and searching for illegal drugs or harmful objects


Cotswold Security Ltd appreciates that the reputation of the licensed premise is key and that our staff are the face and first point of contact with the public. Our guards are experienced and trained intensively in Communication including physical and verbal, Alcohol Induced Behaviour, Crowd Control, Drug Detection and maintaining Fire Exits, Entrance and Exit controls. Cotswold Security Ltd strive to be polite and friendly while controlling the door and understand that a tough stance can be required remembering we are authorised by the venue’s management to refuse entry to anyone they consider unsuitable.