Wellesbourne Keyholding

Our keyholding service is very popular with both residential and business people of Wellesbourne. With our Keyholding Service you can rest assured that we have your property safe and secure. We hold keys within the British Standards guidelines and are fully insured against loss of keys. We are able to respond 24 hours a day 365 days a year!

Wellesbourne Keyholding - Residential Customers:

Whether its a second home or you want to be safe in the knowledge that whenever the alarm is live someone will respond. Our key holding service will keep your property secure and your neighbours happy knowing that the alarm isn't going to keep activating with false alarms – it may even reduce your insurance costs. We can also house sit, turn on or off central heating, pet services, let you in when you've lost your keys, and let in contractors or friends when your unable to attend.

Wellesbourne Keyholding - Business Owners:

 Don't put your staff at risk by asking them to key hold, we can connect to your alarm or monitoring company and respond to the alarm out of hours. If you require staff to attend we can escort your staff to keep them safe and out of danger.