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At Cotswold Security, our specialist team of experienced SIA licensed security guards are on the road every evening, providing mobile security checks to a number of commercial and domestic properties. Whether you want on-going mobile security patrols, a security presence whilst you’re on holiday or if you’re responding to a period of heightened risk, we’re on hand to monitor your safety and security.

Our team are well-equipped and ready for any issues they may encounter. Always in uniforms, and carrying both staff ID and their SIA Licenses, the team at Cotswold Security are ready to keep your property safe.

We personalise our mobile security patrol services to every clients’ needs, so whether you need a mobile security patrol on an ad hoc or regular basis, you can be sure we’ll be there.  

Our mobile security patrol services

We offer our clients a variety of different security services, including:

  • Timed lock and unlock patrols
  • Randomly timed internal and external security patrols
  • Maintenance reporting patrols
  • Regular empty property checks

As our mobile security patrol services are bespoke to every client, you can choose any combination of the above services for your property.

Staff Safety

At Cotswold Security, our staff’s safety is as important to us as you and your property. We’ve implemented a number of security measures to ensure our team are safe, whilst being as productive as possible.

GPS tracking

We fit all our vehicles and security guards with GPS trackers, so we know where our staff and vehicles are at all times. Our GPS trackers are all fitted with SOS buttons which instantly notify the duty manager when activated.


Call checks

Every hour, our mobile security guards call in or text to confirm they’re ok. If we don’t receive this, we call them to confirm they’re safe and have just missed a check call. If they don’t answer, the situation will be escalated, with the duty manager informed.

We’ll find their last known location and either call them again or visit the local to deal with any issues.

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GuardPatrol fromSecurisoft

Cotswold Security are one of the first companies in the world to use this advanced security system, combining location tagging with GPS tracking and producing real-time reports.

Our security guards tag each location they’ve checked or patrolled, allowing us to see in real-time where our guards are and at what time we’ve checked your property. As the GPS location is embedded into the real-time data received, we don’t encounter the problem of our guard tour system being manipulated.

We can also give you access to your property’s security data in real-time, so you’ll know exactly when we’re patrolling your property for ultimate peace of mind. Not only can you check when we’ve patrolled your property, you can ensure we’ve checked specific areas such as specific doors and windows.

Cotswold Security provide mobile security patrol services throughout Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Warwickshire and Oxfordshire. Our 4x4 vehicles give us the capability to patrol the most remote locations and in all weather terrain.

For more information about our mobile security patrol services, call us today on 0800 118 5068 or email


We provide mobile patrols in and around the four Counties - Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Warwickshire and Oxfordshire. Due to our 4x4 capability we are able to patrol in remote locations and in all weather terrain.

Not sure if we can cover your area? Contact us and we will try to help!