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Having a guard on site out of hours is the ultimate deterrent and allows the fastest response to any situation. Cotswold Security Ltd can provide static guards for long or short term contracts keeping you and your property safe. We can provide a guard with or without a sign written vehicle. All our guards come with the equipment they need to do the job. The assignment is always personalised to your needs and wants, which are discussed with the client at all times, we can help cover all aspects that you need.

Due to the nature of Security Guarding - we are able to deploy guards as soon as is required - if you need a guard in a few hours? Tonight or the next day? Contact us we may be able to help!  

We only employ fully licensed security officers who are Security Industry trained to the highest level with experience in a variety of environments. All of our guards are Screened and Vetted to British Standards (BS7858) in house.

We liaise with the customer on a regular basis to make sure we are doing all we can for you and your business.

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We have experience in a whole range of Static Guarding Sites- from Commercial Buildings, High Street Shops, Retail, Construction Sites and Council Work. We can cover all areas of Static Guarding from: Reception and Conciege, Guard House Access Control, Door Hosts and Site Specific Requirements.

If we have enough notice, we can employ security dogs onto these Static Sites to partner up with our Static Guards. This heightens the security onsite for the property and for our guards.


We can implement a variety of measures and controls to ensure our staff are safe and also being as productive as possible on site.

GPS Tracking - Our guards and vehicles are fitted with GPS Trackers allowing us to "find" staff and vehicles at anytime, these trackers are also fitted with SOS buttons which when activated notify the duty manager straight away. Using the technology: Guard Patrol from Securisoft - We are one of the first companies in the world to use this system, an advanced system which combines location tagging with GPS and reports back in real time format.

Our guards tag each location they have checked or patrolled, this is then sent to us in real-time allowing us to see straight away the whereabouts of our guards and at what time a property has been checked. Having GPS data embedded into the data received, removes the problems of other guard tour systems that can be manipulated. We can also give access to our customers, again in real time to see only their properties data. This means you can see at what point and when our guards patrolled your property, and makes sure we have checked specific areas such as certain doors and checked windows. This is great for Temporary or Permanant contracts!

Call Checks - Due to our guards working mainly alone and due to the risk involved, we make sure our guards are check called. Hourly our staff call or text in to confirm they are ok, should this not happen they are called to confirm that they are ok and have just missed a check call, should they not answer, the situation is escalated and a duty manager is informed and can find their last know location and either call them again or visit the location to deal with any issues.

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We provide Static Guards throughout the Midlands, South East and South West also locally which covers the four counties Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Worcestershire. Contact us to see if we can cover your area!