Evesham Patrols

Our patrol staff patrol Evesham and the surrounding areas nightly.

The services is used by Evesham businesses, firstly to ensure the building is secure after the working day, but also to ensure no vehicle or people are on there property during the night. This also helps to provide a presence.

Evesham residential customers also make use of the service, often when customers are on holiday or if the property is a second home. We can check the property nightly, or switch lights on and off to make the property look inhabited. We can provide ad hoc patrols or setup a regular schedule to check the property.

We use the latest technology to ensure our employees welfare but also for you as the client to check the patrols are being completed as requested. We are one of only a handful using this latest in time technology.

For more information on this technology please visit securisoft.net

For regular patrols we use a high visability patrol 4x4 vehicle to show our presence but for holiday checks and surveillance checks we use our new MINI cooper which has the same technology built inside but with no livery at all.